About Us

About The Rite Group

What is The Rite Group? It’s a new, surprising, and totally different collection of companies that take ordinary home services and make them extraordinary; that’s why we’re the Rite Choice. We help entrepreneurial people realize their dream of business ownership, and we’re building the most innovative franchises on the market with Wash Rite, Lawn Rite, Hallmark Services and The Handyman Group.

Our Story

Founder and CEO of The Rite Group Troy Hillard did something big in 2014 when he started Wash Rite: They changed how the world views Exterior Cleaning. They realized exceptional customer service combined with attracting the right people to own businesses within the Wash Rite brand was the secret to success. Since then, he’s applied that magic formula to create multiple, nationally admired home-service brands.

It all began in 2014, when Troy was in the process of selling another separate business and was looking for the next big challenge. After doing some research of a multiple different industry's. Something clicked, and he was inspired to spend $2000 on a used truck and start his house washing service.

Over the next 12 months, business took off. He invested in more trucks, hired staff, and set out to make his company a household name: Wash Rite, now known as New Zealand's largest and premier house wash service.

But he didn’t stop there. Troy saw that Wash Rite’s systems and processes could be applied to other home and business service industries. He was inspired to launch Lawn Rite, Hallmark Services (formally Clean Rite) and The Handyman Group, taking Lawn Mowing, Home & Office, Carpet Cleaning and the handyman sector from ordinary to extraordinary, and create an exceptional group of brands that have helped many people realize their own dream of business ownership.


Our Vision

Vision starts with a mission, and ours is to use scalable processes, systems and tools to drive results, customer service, accountability and profitability within a franchise network that cultivates a team culture.

We know that leadership is the key to growth — leadership as a brand, as a team, and by our actions and values: Passion, Integrity, Professionalism, Empathy (PIPE). By developing leaders and promoting growth, we hope to have 200 Franchise Partners with system-wide sales of $200 million by the end of 2026.


Our Principles

  • Customers - We know our customers are our most important assets, so we create loyalty for life with enthusiastic, professional service.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - We create environments that encourage and reward innovation, initiative, and passion.
  • Leadership - We continue to disrupt the home-services industry by setting new standards and expectations for customer service.
  • Teamwork - We create an environment that’s open, honest, and innovative. We work hard — and play hard — together, working towards our common goal of building something bigger, together.
  • Community - We recognize that as leaders, we have an important role in our community, so we strive to give back and promote community initiatives.
  • Profit - We know profits are essential to everyone’s success, and we maximize profits by increasing revenues and decreasing expenses. We ensure that people who contribute to the company’s profitability are rewarded