Wash Rite

Wash Rite - a franchise that you can grow

Wash Rite was founded in 2015 and has grown to become New Zealand's largest and premier exterior cleaning company. Wash Rite uses its own proprietary low-pressure washing methods to wash houses and commercial buildings from Northland to Southland and everywhere in between.

If your looking for a franchise that you can grow to the point where you have multiple crews working for you that Wash Rite might be for you.

Each Wash Rite area of operation is designed to be large enough so the owner can comfortably grow their business to have three to five trucks operating all year round. This also means that you would need to have staff management experience in your past or be the type of person who like to manage a high-performance team.

Wash Rite

The Wash Rite difference

At Wash Rite there is a few things that separate us from our competition, these are that 45% of our group revenue comes from either commercial jobs or contracted jobs, And we are the only exterior cleaning company that has its systems ISO certified.

At Wash Rite we pride ourselves on providing our customers the highest levels of customer service in the industry. This allows our franchisees to sell their services on quality and not price. This means our franchisees are getting paid top dollar for their work and the clients are receiving a quality of service above and beyond what they were expecting.

Starting your franchise

The process of joining the Wash Rite team and taking control of your life back is as easy as just 7 easy steps.
  1. Register here to get The Franchise Information Pack.
  2. Book a time to have a personal one-on-one consultation over a coffee with the franchiser.
  3. Spend a day with a Wash Rite franchise.
  4. Meet with the franchisor around some business options.
  5. Open company with company's office, police check, bank account.
  6. Franchise documents issued on the business you wish to purchase.
  7. Complete your comprehensive 2-week training course.
  8. Start your business and start earning money from day 1.

Let's Get Started

If you're interested in taking back your life and becoming a Wash Rite franchisee than give us a call on 0800 101 216 and one of our amazing staff will help you with your enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact the Rite Group?
    You can call the Rite Group on 0800 101 216 or visit the Contact Us to fill out an online contact form.
  • How do I find out more about the Rite Group?
    Learn more about our Vision and Key Principles, along with how we got started by visiting our About Us page.
  • Why join Wash Rite?
    A- Starting any business is a significant decision and there is always risk involved. We do not promise that you’ll get rich fast. On the contrary, this is a real business that requires real work. But if you put in the effort, the rewards can be outstanding. To help, you have the support of the founder and franchisor Troy Hillard and over 180 franchisees in The Rite Group that have done what you are hoping to do. While your success is not guaranteed, you will be part of an amazing group of franchisees that provide the highest level of service to their clients and where people join together to find success.
  • How long does it take to earn back my investment?
    Most Wash Rite franchise owners will earn back their investment within the first 6 to 12 months. Some have done so in as little as 4 months. For those franchise owners who are good with sales its extremely common for a Wash Rite franchisee to earn $20,000.00 per month with just them and 1 wash truck. Wash Rite has multiple franchisees who generate over $80,000.00 per month in revenue with an average of 32% net profit.
  • Why buy a franchise? I could start an independent house washing business.
    You're not the first or the last to think of this. Its very common for someone to think of going it alone as well as purchasing a franchise and weighing up both options. However, when you look at the fact that 60% of all new businesses fail in their first year, and 98% of all Wash Rite franchises succeed in their first year the choice is easy.

    When you go alone you will realise you will:
    • Have to pay top dollar for all of your equipment without the buying power of The Rite Group (probably worth tens of thousands of dollars in the set up stage alone).
    • Have to operate without any brand identity and spend years building trust in the marketplace.
    • Have limited earning potential without the expansion opportunities of The Rite Group.
    • Scrounge for customers from day one without the support of The Rite Group's marketing systems supplying ready-to-buy leads every week
    • Risk everything and your personal assets learning from mistakes on your own where we have already done all the hard work saving you having to make the same mistakes
    • Have nobody to call or to help when you have a problem or are down sick or injured. Wash Rite has many franchisee's who are willing and ready to help each other when it's needed.
    • Probably earn a lot less money Wash Rite Franchisees typically earn 30-35% more than independent exterior cleaning contractors.
    • You will have the costs of setting up all the business systems and Health & Safety systems, manuals and policy's on your own which is extremely costly.
  • How Long Does Training Take?
    The initial training course takes 2 weeks and is conducted in Hamilton at our head office training facility.

  • Will I get plenty of work?
    Yes. The average Wash Rite franchisee is booked out 3 to 4 weeks in advanced, Some franchisees who have been operating a few years are booked out 6 to 8 weeks in advanced all year round.
  • Does work slow down in Winter?
    No, The marketing that head office does ensures the work never stops coming in. This marketing is one of the reasons Wash rite has grown to be the largest exterior cleaning company in the southern hemisphere.
  • Whats the earning potential of a Wash Rite franchise?
    Currently Wash Rite has 5 franchisees who earn over $1.2 million per year and also has another 10 franchisees who earn over $850,000.00 per year.
  • Whats the upfront cost to purchase a Wash Rite franchise?
    A Wash Rite franchise would have an upfront cost of between $70,000 and $80,000 plus GST. This would include the truck and all equipment included.
  • Whats included when i invest in a Wash Rite Franchise?
    When you purchase a Wash Rite franchise it comes with a late model truck that can be driven on a car license as well as a full equipment package with all new equipment, A full uniform package, A marketing and Health & Safety package as well as a fully paid 2-week training course which includes accommodation and travel expenses fully paid for.