Lawn Rite The Market Leader In Eco Green Lawn Mowing

Lawn Rite has been highlighted as the market leader and the leading innovator in the New Zealand lawn mowing and lawn care sector when it comes to reducing emissions and our carbon footprint as a business.

Troy Hillard the founder of Lawn Rite says he is proud to be the one out the front putting his money where is mouth is by investing is trailers that have the ability to charge battery powered equipment, and also have the capacity to NEVER have to be plugged into a power point.
Troy says the onboard solar panel and lithium battery has the ability to charge even on a foggy overcast winters day in Hamilton and can do so for 3 days before he battery runs low. This capacity is the key for I to be used commercially.
We are also blessed to have great partners, Ego Power Plus and Stihl NZ who provide our franchises with the battery equipment have been great with technical data around here equipments battery usage which has allowed us to build a charging system that works perfectly every time.

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